how do you extend the life of your scented candle?

How wonderful can a scented candle be!  Sunday it's rainy weather outside and nice and fresh the leaves are falling from the trees and it's already autumn, winter is almost around the door so we are ready for the Scented Candle season!

But now... which scented candle do I choose best and how do I ensure that I can enjoy my candle for a long time?

Please note when you buy a scented candle that this scented candle of natural vegan soy wax is a lot, bad quality candles contain paraffin and are bad for your health.

There are also many brands that work with synthetic perfumes that also harm your health!  So make sure that you purchase good quality scented candles first and foremost.

To be able to enjoy your scented candle for a long time, it is best to purchase a luxury candle care set, with this set you can take care of your candle perfectly!

This contains a wick trimmer, a wick extinguisher and a long candle extinguisher, which contribute to the long-term preservation of your scented candle.

How do you use it now and what can you do to preserve the lifespan of your Scented Candle?

 - With the wick trimmer you trim the wick before burning. You have the best result of a quiet burning flame if you trim your wick to half a centimeter.

 - With the wick extinguisher you extinguish the wick that makes the flame, you cap your wick in the liquid warm wax to be able to store the wick well and thus maintain a better perfume quality.

 - The long candle extinguisher that also belongs to the luxury candle care set package is to extinguish long candles so that the candle cannot splash around wax when blowing out.

 - An extra tip is to always burn the Scented Candle until a melt pool. This is actually the top layer of the scented candle that has become liquid due to the heat of the flame. If you want to blow out the candle too quickly, the candle will tunnel and have  your loss of candle wax and the candle does not burn up nicely.

That being said I hope the tips were helpful.

Enjoy life and enjoy every moment!  (This is always more fun with a cozy scented candle of course)